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I just think Hermione would be really damn proud of Emma right now. 

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Jess Baumung

Growing up sucks. Why? It’s not the responsibilities or work. At least not for me.

Growing up sucks because you realize just how much the people you thought were your friends and were going to be for a long time, suck.

It hurts, a lot. I was feeling down for so long over it. I felt like people just didn’t want to hang out with me at all. That’s when I realized something important about myself. I was caring about people who didn’t care about me. I was letting it hurt me deep that they didn’t care.

That’s when I realized I was investing time into the wrong people. I should have invested time and happiness into those who are there. Which is only few.

That’s when I started to feel happy again. I removed people from my life and goodness gracious did it ever make me feel good to know that I just don’t have to worry about those that never cared.

I’m happy to be happy, full of light and love again.